40+ iMac Mockups: PSDs, Photos & Vectors

40+ iMac Mockups: PSDs, Photos & Vectors

The Apple iMac display can provide a beautiful surround in which to display your work. And the web is filled with some amazing iMac mockup templates, which make it easy to edit and drop in your own work showcase.

Whether your project relates to design or business, a high quality mockup is always useful to quickly present your work in an efficient manner. Today, we have tracked down 40+ brilliant iMac mockups, all of which provide easy manipulation and editing. These mockups are mixture of Photoshop templates, Illustrator vector files and even stock photos. Just pick the type of file that you need, and you’ll be all set!

Woman using iMac – 12 Photo Mockups


This is a bundle of iMac mockups that features a woman working at an elegantly designed workspace. The bundle contains 12 different mockups shot in different angles.

Price: $22

Workspace Mockup Set 3


This stylish iMac workspace mockup will fit in perfectly with any of your UX and web design projects. As a bonus, the bundle also includes a mockup of the MacBook Pro.

Price: $10

iMac Mock-up


An iMac mockup bundle featuring a top-view of the desk in both day and night versions. This mockup looks ideal for headers and stationery design.

Price: $19

Flat Devices Bundle Mockups


Inspired by the flat design trend, this bundle includes mockups of iMac, MacBook, iPad, and comes with an additional flat mockup of the Safari browser.

Price: $12

Home office


A high-resolution iMac mockup photo featuring a modern home office environment.

Price: $2

Home Recording Studio Mock-Up


Working on a music-themed project? Here’s a great iMac mockup you can use to showcase your product to your target audience.

Price: $10

iMac Mockup


This iMac mockup features a busy working environment.

Price: $3

iMac Office Mockup


This elegant iMac mockup featuring a minimalist office environment includes a cool color filter, which you can easily switch to try different styles.

Price: $5

iMac Photo Mockup


An iMac photo mockup featuring a night scene. It looks perfect for designing unique website headers and for presentations.

Price: $4

iMac Mockup PSD

imac mockup psd

This photorealistic iMac mockup can be easily customized to turn on or off the screen reflections.

Price: $5

iMac Mockup (bonus Poster Mockup)


An attractive and a colorful iMac mockup that also includes a mockup of a poster as a bonus.

Price: $3

Boho Style iMac PSD Mockup — vol. 1


Looking for an iMac mockup with a feminine touch? Then this mockup will definitely suit your needs.

Price: $7

Header Image Mock-up


Just as the name describes, this is a mockup made especially for designing website header images. All the objects in this mockup are changeable and the 3D letters are also editable.

Price: $6

Industrial style workspace


A high-resolution mockup photo featuring an iMac in a stylish workspace.

Price: $10

Store Mock-Up Set


This mockup pack includes 7 different mockups of the iMac featuring an Apple Store environment.

Price: $6

Horizontal mockup header image


An iMac mockup photo with copy space. This mockup will look great as a header on any website.

Price: $22

Responsive Showcase Presentation


Here’s a great all-in-one mockup bundle that includes mockups of the iMac, iPad, MacBook, and iPhone for showcasing the responsiveness of your designs.

Price: $10

12 Flat Responsive Mockups


All of the vector-based mockups in this bundle are fully customizable. The pack includes 12 mockups of the iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone.

Price: $10

Christmas Thunderbolt Display Mockup


An iMac mockup featuring a Christmas theme. Perfect for holiday-themed promotions and designs.

Price: $6

Mockup Creator (Scene Creator)


Create your own unique mockup scene with this bundle, which comes with over 100 items for customizing the scene however you like. Best for creating website hero images.

Price: $11

Simple iMac Mockup


A collection of professional premade scenes, great for your web design showcase, product, presentations, advertising and much more.

  • Price: $3

Quality iMac Mockup


Display your work in style with this well organised iMac mockup. You don’t have to be a Photoshop professional to use this template.

  • Price: $4

4 PSD iMac Mockups Set


This is a set of four realistic iMac mockups, shot at a home studio with four different perspectives. Really versatile and super-minimal.

  • Price: $4

Vectorized iMac


This is a fully scalable iMac PSD mockup. I currently use a 27″ iMac for all my designing and thought it would be a great idea to create a iMac PSD design. This can be used to showcase your artwork, or promote a product or service.

  • Price: $2

iMac Perspective Mockups


This iMac perspective mockups pack contains 13 high resolution 3000 x 2000 pixel, 300 DPI PSD files (7 individual files + 6 combinations) with smart objects. You can also make your own combinations.

  • Price: $10

iMac Display Mockup


It’s easy to use this photorealistic mockup of iMac to present your websites, photos, logos and other design in an easy way.

  • Price: $4

5 PSD Mockups for iMac


This is a set of 5 realistic iMac Mockups with 5 different perspectives. All PSD’s with editable Layers to easily add in your designs.

  • Price: $10

Clean & Neat – iMac/MacBook Mockups


A set of 15 bright and stylish iMac 21′ and Macbook Air 13′ mockups coming in Photoshop format. A perfect way to make sure your web design looks great on a user’s Mac! Also it will be very useful for any presentation purposes. Just paste your image in the replaceable smart object screen and use it in your work.

  • Price: $18

1 PSD iMac Mockup


This is a realistic iMac Mockup PSD file with editable layers to easily add in your designs, or tweak the design if you’d like.

  • Price: $3

Mock-Ups iMac Set


This is a set of four realistic iMac Mockups with four different perspectives. Each of these are PSDs with editable layers to easily add in your designs. They come loaded with smart objects allowing you to easily and quickly create realistic, detailed mockups to present your work to your client.

  • Price: $6

20 iMac & MacBook Screen Mockups


A collection of 20 awesome iMac & MacBook Pro screen mockups with smart objects for easy changes to your design.

  • Price: $15

Styled Stock Photo – iMac Desktop

stock images for social media

This stock photo was inspired by the breezy weather and easy florals making their way into our homes and offices. So, open up the windows, put your hair in a top knot and let this gorgeous image do the advertising for you. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a pep in your social media step.

  • Price: $15

iMac and iPhone Mockup


This collection of mockups is ideal for a responsive web design showcase (shown across multiple devices), or showing off a desktop app.

  • Price: $4

iMac Display Mockup


Use this nice, photorealistic mockup of a iMac to present your websites, photos, logos and other design in an easy way.

  • Price: $4

iMac Display Mockup


A side view version of photorealisitic mockup of iMac for commercial usage.

  • Price: $4

New iMac Mockup – 14 Poses


This collection of new iMac mockups comes with 14 fully editable files for your projects. As a bonus, it also includes a MacBook Pro, iPhone 6 and iPad.

  • Price: $17

iMac Styled Desktop Mockup


A web design computer desktop mockup styled stock image, with whimsical & vintage details. These include peonies, yellow ranunculus, pink, gold, blue, black & white accents. Features gold stapler, feather pen, vintage tea cup & saucer with macaron, bronze bunny alarm clock, pearls, lipstick, classic story books, earphones, keyboard, flower bouquet in gold vase, sand hour glass & washi tape. Wow. Is that enough vintage? It should be!

  • Price: $15

6 iMac Photo Mockups With Feminine Theme


This pack of special photo mockups features an iMac with stylish, classy and color consistent scenography. Show your web, desktop app , artwork and website template project in a real, beautiful environment

  • Price: $14

White Workspace With iMac


A high resolution photo (5616 x 3744 px) ideal for your blog, iMac mockup, website or to showcase your website template or WordPress theme.

  • Price: $10

High Resolution iMac Template


A great template that you could use for header, mockups, design applications or web pages, presentations, gallery presentations and more. Originally created for web designers, to preview their designs and websites in a professional and photorealistic way. Just insert your design in a smart object.

  • Price: $3

Realistic iMac Mockup


This one is simple — a PSD file with editable layers to easily add in your designs.

  • Price: $3

iMac Display Mockup Side Version


This template just includes a single PSD file, but it’s fully editable with modifiable smart objects.

  • Price: $4

White iMac Stock Photo


You can instantly use this photograph as-is, or use it to overlay your text, call-to-action, print, screenshot, web design, card, stationery, promo, headline, or product shot.

  • Price: $15

Stylish 5k iMac mockup


This pack contains 1 PSD iMac mockup, in super-high resolution. You could use it for header, mockups good to use for design applications or web pages, presentations, gallery presentations and more.

  • Price: $3

4 PSD Mockups iMac White Interior


This is a set of four realistic iMac mockups with four different perspectives. All PSD files come with editable layers to easily add in your designs.

  • Price: $8

Apple iMac 27″ Desktop Mockup Photo


A simple mockup for pasting your own web design into. The screen area is easily editable with smart object, so you’ll have your design dropped in within seconds.

  • Price: $9

Mockup of Apple Products


This one is a mockup of Apple products in an interior space. This mockup is ideal for responsive web design showcase, apps showcase etc.

  • Price: $5

iMac and iPhone Mockup in White

Price: $3

16 PSD Mockups Container


A professional and clean office environment, filled with retina devices. This one comes with multiple screen possibilities – iPad/iPhone/iMac/MacBook. Several views on devices in a bundle of 16 PSD mockups. Just insert your design in a smart object, and the image will fit in the screen. Make your presentation sparkle with perfect container 5k PSD mockups!

  • Price: $26

Workspace Mockup Set


All the main layers are converted into smart objects in this one — double-click on the selected layer in the window that opens, change the picture save back to the original image, everything is ready.

  • Price: $10

iMac Left Quarter View Mock-Up


This one is a mockup of the new iMac 27″ from Apple. The rendered mockup is turned to the left at 30° and accepts any design with a resolution of 2560×1440 as input.

  • Price: $2

iMac Mockup Top View


Perfect for use in a header graphic, or a mockup. Also good to use for design applications or web pages, presentations, gallery presentations and more.

  • Price: $3

The Project Mockup for iMac


This image is a photorealistic PSD Mockup named “The Project”. Just insert your design in a smart object, and the image will fit in the screen.

  • Price: $6

Desktop Mockup Set


A set of four photorealistic Apple iMac mockups, with realistic angles. Inserting your content is easy, via smart-objects. Use real images to iMac on white wooden table with color effect.

  • Price: $4

Realistic Minimal iMac Set


A minimal iMac mockup pack (that also includes other Apple products). You can easily setup your customized version of this template in no time.

  • Price: $3

Workspace Mockup Set


A collection of eight PSD files with vintage setting showcasing iMac and other office products.

  • Price: $10

Vector Apple Devices


A set of four styles of devices included (Black, White, Outline, and Hand Drawn). You can change colors of devices easily as these are vectors.

  • Price: $6

Apple Responsive Mockups


This is the last Apple mockup collection that you’ll ever buy. A thoroughly complete collection that give you absolute freedom in creating your compositions. It’s perfect for responsive websites or apps showcase.

  • Price: $18

5 Colorful Mockup Workplace


This set include five colorful and unique mock-ups for your branding or simi;ar. Very easy to change to any color of any object in scene on your taste.

  • Price: $9

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